Top 50 Seagate Black Friday Deals 2022

Businesses and data centers are not equipped with a mass capacity storage that is imperative for their data economy. The brand has a 40-year storage heritage that is embedded deep in its core technology. Seagate brings its architectural efficiencies to all the enterprises, across its software and device innovations. Users can accelerate the adoption of these technologies quickly, rendering businesses a competitive edge. So, check out the Seagate black friday deals.

Seagate Black Friday Deals

Seagate Hard Drive Black Friday Deals

These are the best Seagate Hard Drive deals available in the market.

Seagate SSD Black Friday Deals

These are the best Seagate SSD deals available in the market.

Seagate Barracuda Black Friday Deals

These are the best Seagate Barracuda deals available in the market.

Seagate Storage Expansion Card Black Friday Deals

These are the best Seagate Storage Expansion Card deals available in the market.

Seagate Firecuda Black Friday Deals

These are the best Seagate Firecuda deals available in the market.

Seagate Ironwolf Black Friday Deals

These are the best Seagate Ironwolf deals available in the market.

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About Seagate

Seagate Technology is a data storage company based in America. It was incorporated in the year 1978 as Shugart Technology. The company was incorporated in Dublin and has its headquarters in California, US. Seagate first developed its 5.25-inch hard disk drive in the year 1980. Much of the growth of the brand is through the acquisition of its competitors. 

Seagate Black Friday
Image: Seagate

History and Growth of the Seagate Brand

Seagate was founded in the year 1979, by many veterans in the computer industry. The brand started its operations in the year 1979 and its first client was IBM in the year the 1980s. The first and highly successful product from Seagate is its 5.25-inch disk drive, introduced in the year 1980. The product was very successful and gathered an annual sale of $40 million. The company went public in September 1981, with its initial stock offering of three million common shares. 

The research facility of Seagate was also established in Pittsburgh, which is a $30 million investment, and focuses on its future prototypes and technologies. In the year 2000, Seagate again became a private company and made significant capital investments to achieve its goals. In the year 2007, Seagate created its hybrid drive concept, and recently in 2020, it entered its object storage business and also introduced CORTX, an open-source object storage software.

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What is special about Seagate?

Integrity, inclusion, and innovation are the three world are the three words that define the values of Seagate. These words inspire the level of excellence of the brand to work toward the enhancement of customers, shareholders, business partners, and communities. Seagate leads by example with an equal commitment to the people, stakeholders, and planet.

The brand also delivers value for the customers through agility and discovery. The brand is also committed to advancing equity in the workplace and ensures that all the employees feel valued, safe and respected.

The brand is a thoughtful and trailblazing guardian, that is committed to the planet, people and profit. Its long-standing partnerships with Fortune 500 businesses and leading organizations help us to deliver data solutions that perform pretty well, even under pressure. So, do not miss out on the Seagate black friday 2022 sale.

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