Top 10 EdgeStar Black Friday Deals 2022

Looking to buy an Edgestar kegerator, refrigerator, or a wine cooler? Check out the top 10 Edgestar black friday deals to get up to a 60% discount.

EdgeStar Black Friday Deals

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Edgestar has been a leader in the industry of appliances and it designs and sells appliances that elevate our lifestyle. The goal of the company is to build great brands that dominate the niche markets by ascertaining the requirements of the client.

Why are the products from Edgestar very special?

  • The products from EdgeStar have a focus on portability and it is designed to innovate the small spaces.
  • The motto is quality construction and exceptional customer support.
  • The products that are designed by EdgeStar and its associate brands such as Avallon and Koldfront are tested in-house and are backed by the EdgeStar warranty. 
  • EdgeStar’s range of outdoor appliances includes outdoor refrigerators, a built-in gas grill, and outdoor ice makers, which are famous all over the world. 

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EdgeStar Black Friday Deals

The history and the origin of the Edgestar brand

Edgestar was launched as an in-house brand for direct living in the year 2004 and entered into the niche appliances market. It is a branch of Living Direct Inc, which was formerly known as Richlund Ventures, was born in Austin, Texas.

The founder of this company is Rick Lundborn, who also launched, the first living direct website in New York. The network of the Living Direct brand also encompasses other groups such as Koldfront, Avallon, etc. EdgeStar currently has over 12 distribution centers across the US and is headquartered in Austin, Texas. 

Why should you buy EdgeStar products?

If space is a problem in your home, then you should consider buying compact appliances from Edgestar. The brand has sold thousands of products for recreational vehicles, boats, small apartments, weekend houses, and even for small office spaces.

Its products are much more accessible and easier to use for senior citizens and disabled people. Owing to their compact nature and usefulness, they are also used as a second appliance in many homes. So, make sure you grab the Edgestar black friday deals.